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In 1988, The Hon Ambassador Looi Cheok Hun,Ambassador to Norway, stationed in Sweden, and Director of MIDA (Malaysian Industrial Development Agency), Ramli Othman,from London,visited Norway.

They contacted Mrs Mette Karina Thorp and asked if she could find out how many Malaysians were living in Norway, get in touch with them and send the information to the Malaysian Embassy in Stockholm.  Until then, there had not been any register of Malaysians in Norway.

Together with  Professer Jan Evensmo of BI, a seminar called  «Doing Business in Malaysia» was arranged.  Norwegian companies already established there were invited to talk about their experiences, likewise the Norwegian Ambassador to Malaysia and the Malaysian Ambassador for Norway were invited to talk.

During the seminar, an interim Board for the Norway Malaysia Association was established and rules and aims worked out.



  • Interacting with Malaysia business, commercial, cultural and educational interests visiting Norway.
  • Providing a forum where members meet to exchange ideas and discuss matters of mutual interest
  • Periodic dissemination of information relating to opportunities for trade, commerce and investement in Malaysia.
  • Provision of services to members intending to visit Malaysia for the purpose of business through the use of NMA's contacts.



Interim board: Honorary Members:

Dir. Kjell Sletsjøe, Jotun

Dir. Michael Røtnes, Mustad

Dir. Tor Halvorsen, ABB

Dir. Steinar Olsen, Anshor Drilling Fluids

Prof. Jan Evensmo, BI

Dir. Mette Karina Thorp, Asia Consult

Mr. Jan Evensmo

Mr. Michael Thorp

Mrs. Mette Karina Thorp (Lifelong)




1st. elected board Dec.6. 1990: Chairman of the Board:

Mette Karina Thorp (Chairman)

Steinar Olsen (Vice-Chairman)

Tor Halvorsen

Bjørn Floberghagen, Mustad

Arnfinn Jørgensen-Dahl, FNI

Jan Evensmo

1990 - 1996  Mette Karina Thorp

1996 - 1997  Michael Thorp

1997 - 1998  Mette Karina Thorp

1998 - 2000  Carsten J. Helgeby

2000 - 2005  Dr. Faredah Myhre

2006 - 2008 Dr. Imtiaz Hossain

2008 - 2010 Mary Anne Grønningen

2010 - 2011 Jessie Sandosham

2011 -  Roslin N. Schlezinger

2019 - current Pearl Ann Jeyaraj





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